In Pursuit of Peace and Dignity: Navigating Human Rights, Global Politics, and Digital Frontiers on Human Rights Day 2023 "Join us on Human Rights Day 2023 for a poignant exploration of our shared humanity. Amidst the tumult of global conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, this event delves into the relentless assault on human rights. Through gripping narratives and thought-provoking discussions, comedy, and music we aim to unveil the pain echoing across continents. Yet, within this darkness, we aim to discover glimmers of hope that illuminate a path towards a future where dignity prevails. Stand with us, embrace the
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Concerned Activists and Hiroshima Bombing Survivor Host Virtual Discussion Night Sunday, August 6 th to Urge Concrete Actions Towards World Peace Each year, many around the world acknowledge August 6th as a solemn remembrance of the WWII bomb attack on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.We are a collection of activists from the technology, business, and political spheres working for peace and civil liberties. We will host a Zoom event, “Harmony for Humanity” Sunday, August 6th, from 6pm to 8:30 pm Pacific time which is open to the public. Ourevent will be focused not only on commemorating those who suffered and died
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“Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day.” This year’s theme for No Ethics in Big Tech’s—formerly Ethics In Tech—Hiroshima Day annual commemoration and panel is “Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day.”Our lineup this year includes a diverse mix of speakers and comedians, promising a unique blend of comedy and discussion that makes No Ethics In Big Tech events a one-of-a-kind experience.Legendary political comedian Will Durst is on the mend and back in our all-star lineup, along with stand-up superstar, journalist, and activist Francesca Fiorentini, the ever-uproarious Chloe McGovern, and cosmopolitan humorist Annette Mullaney, whose work in
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Oppenheimer's Movie, Humanizing the Inhumane Let me share my thoughts on the movie Oppenheimer, which I attended on its opening night in Palo Alto at the 7:00 PM showing. As a disabled individual, I was assigned seat E2 and had to sit in the handicapped seat located on top of the theater, as using the stairs was not an option for me.When I purchased my ticket online from the Emerson St theater  in Palo Alto, their website indicated that the movie was nearly sold out. However, upon arrival, I was surprised to see that the occupancy was only around 75%
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Sunday, August 6, 2023 Starts on  6PM , PacificAre you ready to attend? Harmony for Humanity: Uniting for Peace on Hiroshima Day Buy Tickets 0Days0Hours0Minutes0Seconds About This Event This unique gathering brings together a diverse lineup of talent, including five hilarious comedians, four inspiring speakers and a captivating musician, all driven by a shared commitment to promote world peace.Through laughter, thought-provoking discussions and soul-stirring melodies, this event aims to create a space where the power of humor, ideas, and music converge to facilitate important conversatios surrounding nuclear disarmament and the preservation of human rights. Together we will explore the impact of Hiroshima bombing and its lasting
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Let me start by answering that question. I was blessed with two amazing real life uncles on my moms side and this past week the last one Dai Mojtaba passed away and joined his beloved wife Mahboobeh. I wrote the book on The Age of Nepotism and I had to make sure he got a post on this site. Dai Mojtaba was a family man who loved his wife immensely. He was a romantic at heart and put his heart on his sleeves and wore it with pride. He loved his kids, his sisters, brothers, nephew and nieces. He was full of love
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Saturday, May 20, 2023, Starts on  6:00 PM , Pacific Are you ready to attend? No Ethics In Big Tech, NSA Comedy. National Security Agency, NSA, and No Ethics In Big Tech Comedy Night! About This Event Hey there, folks. Are you ready for a night of fun, education, and controversy? We've got just the event for you: the No Ethics in Big Tech and NSA Comedy Night!Featuring some of the most insightful comedians around, Will Durst, Mean Dave, Chloe McGovern, and Alicia Dattner will be sure to get you laughing and thinking about the intersection of surveillance, technology, and society. Accompanied by talented musician Mike
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