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I will be a guest on BC Persian Radio this evening hosted by Ebby Mohseni starting at 9 PM to 11 PM PST tonight Saturday December 5th 2009. If you like to participate and join this show tonight please tune in on BC Persian Radio at 9 PM tonight. We will be discussing issues related to current politics in Iran. Please follow this live broadcast on


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Dozens of villagers in the Kenyan district of Kisii are falling prey to superstitious groups accusing them of witchcraft.

The poverty-stricken western district, known as Kenya’s sorcery belt, has seen an increase in mob attacks on individuals and even killings.

The poor and elderly in particular are being targeted.

Three months ago, a group of youths tortured five suspected witches before setting them on fire.

Original Link on Al Jazeera click here


December 5th, 2022 December 2009,Global issues,Iran,Israel,Palestine,Religion,Video

As Iranians are marking the death of Prophet Mohammad grandson they are protesting by the thousands against the regime.   Per last report at least 4 Iranians have been killed during the latest protests. The following video is of various protests taking place in Iran today December 27th.

The videos demonstrate the will of the people of Iran to stand against this regime and the brutal force that the government has put in place to oppress the voice of the masses. One video shows the Basij attacking President Khatami as he is being removed from the Masjed in Jamaran on Saturday.

Unfortunately Iranians in Iran are blocked from seeing these videos. All foreign media and social networks are currently censored in Iran.  Today is also the anniversary of the Israeli attack on Gaza. The tactics of banning foreign media is taken directly from the Israeli, Palestinian conflict in Gaza a year ago. Religious extremist and power hungry tyrants use the same tools to oppress the voice of the masses. Regardless if it is an Islamic Republic or a Jewish state.